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Although the recession hit America some years ago, the economy has still not recovered. Public confidence remains low and families must still be careful when committing themselves to spending. Given that auto insurance is mandatory in one form or another across all states, anyone wanting to drive on public roads must comply with the local state's financial responsibility law. This makes the spending necessary. So families are in the business of balancing the scope of the coverage against the annual premium rate. Everyone wants to find that sweet spot which gives the best value for money.

What's the problem? Well, it all comes down to the problem of value for money. When someone sells something "cheap", it often means the quality is poor. When it comes to cheap car insurance, this usually means one of two things. Either the terms and conditions are restrictive, and limit or exclude your right to claim in the more common situations, or the insurer operates an aggressive response to claims, putting every possible barrier in your way should you claim. If you have a consumer-oriented Insurance Commissioner in your state, check out the local website. You should find detailed reports of complaints made and upheld against your local insurance companies.

The majority of successful complaints are against the insurers offering cheap car insurance and then making it difficult to claim. Wherever possible, avoid buying a policy from them. If you can only afford a policy from such an insurer, read the wording of the policy very carefully so you understand exactly what is covered and how to make a claim. Should you be unlucky and get into an accident, you will then be able to make a claim the insurer will find difficult to resist. If you still hit problems, complain to your Insurance Commissioner. The complaints procedure is there to protect you.

This site offers you the chance to find both affordable and reliable cover, and the cheap car insurance that will keep you legal but possibly cause you problems. This is a completely free service. There's no obligation on you to buy any policy on the basis of the quotes you receive. Explore your options through this site. If a deal works for you, buy.

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